Squar Milner & Baker Tilly Combine, Creating Coast-to-Coast Advisory CPA Firm

Squar Milner and Baker Tilly, the nation’s 11th largest accounting firm, are combining. The combination of our firm’s respective wealth management and financial services practice is an extension and complement to one another’s business focus and passion. With disruption all around us, standing still is not an option. This combination creates a new organization with substantial scale – combining our knowledge and expertise to guide our clients through anything.


Squar Milner
Financial Services



Our clients come to us seeking financial independence provided by a trusted, objective advisor. We provide fee based financial and tax planning as well as investment services. This process retains our objectivity and integrity and provides you with advice that is tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you reach your goal of financial independence.

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Investment Management

We work with you to help preserve and grow your assets.


Income Tax Planning

We take care of those in the entertainment/sports industries, as well as high net worth individuals who need day-to-day management.


Estate Planning

When working with you regarding estate planning, we consult with your entire estate planning team.


Estate Tax Planning

Proper planning begins with an understanding of short and long-term objectives. We get to know your business needs so you’re fully protected.


Retirement Planning

We will analyze your current and future situation to determine how to make your assets last throughout your retirement years.


Planning & Insurance

Insurance is crucial — no financial plan can be complete without considering risk of loss. Insurance products are specifically designed.


Who We Are


'Our team is committed to giving you an incredible experience every time you call Squar Milner. We’re professional, experienced, friendly, trustworthy people, and we genuinely care about you and your business.

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